Monday, October 16, 2006

where do you go?

Updates have been crap, I know. I haven't been doing them during the week because I'm miserable when I get home from work and I seem to be getting distracted on the weekend. Blah.
This weekend we hung out with Matt and Robin because Jen, matt's sister was down. Emily came over there too as well as Robin's sister and fam and we chowed down on some buffalo chicken chili. Yum!
Sunday we watched that horrible game (well, in all fairness it was a nailbiter until the crappy ending. Stupid way to win I think. Meh.) at Jeff and Amanda's, enjoying some sloppy Joes and possible the best damn apple pie I've had in awhile.
Today I watched a girl bike down Route 73 on her cell phone and though that was a pretty dangerous thing to do. I looked back in my rearview mirror only to see her wipe out in a ditch. Ooops!


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