Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bad Garden Mom

I wasn't going to start seeds this year because I was going to be away during one of the most crucial times in their plant life. But I did anyway because I like doing it so much I gave in and started seedlings and plopped them in the ground right before we left. Most died, those that came back a little bit are totally scorched. We went out to Oaks and got a ton of plants to replace what I had lost. Well the ground is still so incredibly dry and I'm not quite into my routine yet so I'm coming close to killing my replacement plants!
I watered them very quickly yesterday after our late meeting, but I forgot the pots out back. We have strawberries that we need to pick before they go rotten as well. Hopefully I'll have pictures/recipes once the summer settles down (not likely to settle though!).
I went to the dentist today. Gone are the days of multiple cavities, but the girl was really rough and my teeth hurt now :(


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