Sunday, June 01, 2008

3 G Sunday

This has been a pretty good weekend as my first weekend with no obligations or things to plan in the future. Today consisted of Golfing, Greek Festival and Gardening. We went out yesterday and I bought golf clubs - Wilson Pro Staff 11 pc set - (a happy anniversary present to myself perhaps for putting up with R for a year; ) hahahaha I kid!) so I dragged R to the driving range today to try them out. They are AWESOME - I love them! Then it was off to the Skippack Farmer's market. I like going there, they all know us (R is apparently the crazy pepper man, which is funny b/c I like the hot stuff more than him) so we got some great things there. My favorite season!
This weekend was also the St. Sophia Greek Festival. Best food ever! I have to admit that we went 2 days in a row for lunch. We have a bunch of Greek pastries in the house now, enjoyed some grape leaves, spanakopita, Greek beer, salad, stuffed peppers and R bought his giant block of Feta. We went out there today so we could stop on the way to Oaks Gardens to get some plants.

Now I am sore and tired, but R will add the 4th G to the weekend soon - GRILL!


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