Sunday, September 24, 2006

Waaaaay too excited, I couldn't really sleep that well. I've already gotten a shower. Hopefully this means I'll be tired enough to sleep on the plane. eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Ok. I lied.

I'm in NO MOOD to write a super long post. I'm all anxious about travelling ans packing so I have no patience to post. It's so warm in the house right now. I think that might be contributing to my crankiness.
WE leave from Newark tomorrow night and arrive in Lisbon at 6 in the morning there. Oy. I usually don't sleep on the plane because I'm neurotic, but we'll see what happens. If not, I'll pretend it's like snowstorms at work where I'm up for over a day and actually doing intense physical labor. I'll just load up on coffee and pastries when we get there. We spend two nights in Lisbon and then head north to stay in Tomar, the seat of the Knigths Templar in Portugal. There's actually a lot of stops in between but I don't need to list them all now, it's pretty boring that way.
Eventually we end up in Oporto, home to numerous port wine lodges. After a probable drunken stay there we go a little further north and then begin our descent through the mountains to the plains. Towards the end of our stay we spend a couple of nights in the sunsoaked. Algarve, which is Portugal's region along the mediterranean. Then off to Lisbon for one last night and we return home in early October. It's a ton of stuff and we're anxious/excited. Time is moving so slowly today, it's driving me batty!

Okay, I lied again. This WAS a long post. :)