Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nothing but a true beachcomber DAY 1

So, as we were home this weekend for my mother-in-law's retirement party there are friends that live in that area. Unfortunately, because it was a surprise party and we just got home last weekend, we were unable to try to hang out with people. (Planning a trip this summer back to the area!). Anywho, Big B., R's dad, ran into one of our friends while out for a walk and there was a request for some wedding pics. I will try (TRY, like I try to return phone calls) to post the trip day by day. So the wedding pictures come later, hahahahahahaha! We're still waiting for ours from the photographer. You know, island time and whatnot. So here are some highlights from Day 1!
The Continental planes at 5am (and the NYC Skyline far off)

Boats in the clear Caribbean water and French St. Martin

E, dirty and tired getting off the ferry from St. Martin

Miles of pure white beaches!

Anguilla and St. Martin in the distance

Rendezvous Bay from our balcony

Our building/balcony (to the right).

Turndown Service!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bad Garden Mom

I wasn't going to start seeds this year because I was going to be away during one of the most crucial times in their plant life. But I did anyway because I like doing it so much I gave in and started seedlings and plopped them in the ground right before we left. Most died, those that came back a little bit are totally scorched. We went out to Oaks and got a ton of plants to replace what I had lost. Well the ground is still so incredibly dry and I'm not quite into my routine yet so I'm coming close to killing my replacement plants!
I watered them very quickly yesterday after our late meeting, but I forgot the pots out back. We have strawberries that we need to pick before they go rotten as well. Hopefully I'll have pictures/recipes once the summer settles down (not likely to settle though!).
I went to the dentist today. Gone are the days of multiple cavities, but the girl was really rough and my teeth hurt now :(

Sunday, June 03, 2007

La vida loca?

We're just crazy I think. Here's some pics from our trip though! Not the terribly exciting ones though!