Sunday, November 25, 2007

well my bags are packed

You wouldn't think I'm leaving for an international trip tomorrow the way I'm going. We had great thanksgivings at both houses and I don't think I can eat anything else. Everyone has volunteered to look after R while I'm gone...he's not THAT helpless ; ) I'm packed I think? I'm kind of just floating along at this point - I fly out of Philly, it's only a week and I think everything is basically planned for me in regards to the river cruise. I've been slacking on my planning, but it is a work trip. It's funny, my companion was asked to pass along a letter for someone, my friend at work begged me to buy her lip gloss and dumped a bunch of Euros in my hands. Such an odd place I work at! I just gave R some coconut candy from Vietnam that a coworker brought back.
So I have my mother's MUCH NICER camera so I will post pics when I get back. It's been over 10 years since I've been to Germany, time to return to where I had my first trans-Atlantic trip : )